Luxury Homes in Los AngelesI will sell your home within 39 days or personally give you $1,000 cash!

Now I have your attention, a bit about who I am and why I’m so confident I can deliver.

Having been in this game since 2002, I have seen it all.  I have seen countless realtors come and go, countless sales made, countless lost and countless sellers waiting around for months on end, praying that their agent will find a buyer soon.

Since taking my first steps in this business, I have always had my sights aimed high, and I fast put myself in a position where I was only representing the sellers of real estate on the LA market.

After all this time, I have learned one thing, something that most people in Real Estate never figure out.  I have learned what works.

I feel for some of the sellers I meet, I really do.  Hell, some of these guys have been waiting as long as 2 years without even coming close to a sale!  In fact, I would be feeling pretty low myself, had I had my property sat on the market for so long.

This is why I enjoy my work so much, I am often able to wildly exceed most of my client’s expectations and put some joy back into their lives.

As well as having a unique understanding of how the Real Estate market in LA works, I have another ace up my sleeve which puts me in the perfect position to close deals, my contacts.  My commitment to this career over so many years has put me in an incredibly well connected position.

I pride myself on having access to the finest clientele that LA has to offer and refuse to work with anyone who is not in a position to afford the properties that my clients have to offer.

It is said amongst people in my circle that I can sniff out a buyer from a mile away.  I’m not sure I would go quite that far, but I do tend to find myself conversing with highly qualified buyers on a more than regular basis.

I also use the very latest technology to stay 2 steps ahead of the competition and delver these amazing results to my clients.

Compare the benefits of my real estate service apples to apples with everyone else’s…

Benefit Other agents

Bruno Pisano

Top price for your property Not in this type of market


Guarantee sale in 39 days or less Who would take such a risk?


Communication Guarantee Seldom speak – always busy


Innovative marketing campaigns Not current with web tech


Caring for your needs Maybe at the beginning


Aggressive representation It’s still a buyers market…


Testimonials found everywhere Not tech savvy



As you can see, my real estate services are hands down the absolute best way to go.

All these reasons add up to explain why I am in a position to make this offer to you.  I have been relying on both my abilities and instincts to get fast results for a long time, and they rarely let me down, if ever.

So get in contact and we can discuss suitability

Call me at (888) 95 BRUNO

My number is toll free, naturally, so hit me up and I will get you started towards to closing the deal on your property.

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