The Need for Anonymity

Luxury Homes in Los Angeles AnonymityIt’s a busy and hectic world, and if you have a career that allows you luxuries you probably need them because success is noisy. Your luxury home is your hiding place, your world of anonymity, the place where only those who love you know you, and where you can do what you want in peace.

So we move out of the city, and commute in and out. We buy the big luxury home on the hill side in the country where the Fung Shui flows like milk and honey and where peace and harmony is the goal of every move and flow. Anonymity is achieveable behind the closed gates of our luxury homes.

In the busy world we are accountable to others, and there is drama in every action and reaction. In our anonymous luxury world the only drama we want is planned and anticipated. Weeds are pulled, flowers bloom, and fruit is picked when we want them to be.

Anonymity can be built into any luxury home. Place the home on a big country lot, blueprint a wall, plant lots of covering vegetation, and secure your hide away with locking gates and barriers.

Anonymity is a distinctly American privilege, guaranteed by law and culture. You have the right to buy the big house on the country lot and lock the door behind you. You can be anonymous, and live in anonymous luxury, if it pleases you.

So buy the big house, put up the locked walls and gates, and enjoy all the Luxury Home you want. And if you don’t know how to get there, just ask a real estate agent. That’s what they are there for.

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