Feng Shui and Your Luxury Home

Harmony should be the major goal of every luxury home design. We build the structure that pleases us; fill it full of furniture that comforts us, and anticipate a hiding place full of peace and tranquility, a place to live in restful repose.

This is why the philosophy and spirit of Feng Shui should the atmosphere maker in every home. Feng Shui, properly pronounced “foong swee,” or “fong shway,” is a Cantonese or Mandrin word meaning “the way of the wind and water.” It is the natural way of nature and the harmonic way of the universe, as well. It is the ultimate flow of life and the balance of Ying and Yang.

This luxurious balance is attained in a home by proper placement of indoor and outdoor elements that promote the building’s “qi” or circulating life energy. Doors should be properly proportioned to allow the maximum amount of qi in and out of the house. Chairs, beds, and sofas should be placed facing doors and windows, to prevent possible attack. Mirrors should never face beds or chairs.

On the outside the home site should be rectangular and the structure placed on a hill with open space in front of the home. And to promote energy flow a house should never be built at the end of a cul-de-sac, or near a bridge or a freeway.

Windows should only look out on pleasing natural views of beauty. Window treatments, like flower boxes, can add harmony to any window scene.

These are but a few aspects of Fung Shui that can be built into or add harmony to truly luxury home.

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