Luxury Homes in America: A Look

Luxury Homes in Los AngelesIf someone were to randomly ask you what, according to you, would be the price of the most expensive luxury homes in America, what would your wildest guess be? Ten million? Twenty? That’s about the average quote given by people casually. The facts, however, greatly differ. The most expensive home in America right now would be the Versailles in Windermore, Florida; estimated at a whopping 100 million dollars. It is a 90000 square foot mansion under construction, and will include a huge ballroom, three swimming pools, ten kitchens, a roller rink, two tennis courts bowling lanes and a garage that can easily house thirty cars.

Luxury Homes Market – They Are Booming Even Now!

The luxury homes market is booming and buyers are flocking to it. The splendor that a luxury house tag gives to your personality has no competition. And these luxury homes are no ordinary ones, but some of the best in America. What would you think, for example, a luxury home in the heart of Las Vegas, with a casino mogul as the owner and having everything from seventeen bedroom suites to an 11-car garage and a resort-sized pool. Seems like a scene out of a storybook? The story came to life when in 2011 Phill Ruffin brought it from the Sultan of Brunei for for an astonishing 24.9 million dollars.

A Luxury home just doesn’t stand out!

So you think that luxury homes are just meant to stand there and look pretty? Have a look at business executive Steve Huff’s mega mansion in Pensmore, Christian County, Missouri. It now only has the usual 13 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms, but can withstand any tornado and is energy efficient to boot! Talking about self-sufficiency, the Rennert mansion in Sagaponack, New York, isn’t far behind. This mansion not only has a bowling alley, a playground and overlooks the beach, but has its own power plant too! Another fact that will make your jaw drop is that once for a party, heiress-turned-songwriter Denise Rich iced the wraparound terraces of her New York City Penthouse Apartment.

Another famous mansion that is as much known for its name as for its 123 rooms is the Spelling Mansion in Los Angeles, California. Another luxury home that looks like a scene right out of some Disney movie is the huge Longaberger mansion in Nashport, Ohio owned by the CEO of Longaberger Baskets. This home has extensive lawns, an outdoor swimming pool, natural light captured indoors by ingenious means, and gardens that stretch out as far as the eye can see. Luxury home designs!

A mansion that is visited just for the sake of its unique architecture is the Extravagant Equestrian Estate – it’s built in the shape of a guitar. Yes, you read that right. It has every possible luxury you could think of, from a commercial elevator to cabana homes.

The world of luxury dream homes is a world where everything is possible if you just have the money in your pocket. What you can imagine, these brilliant architects can build. Amenities and luxuries the kind of which would never even have occurred to you are present in these luxury mansions. These luxury homes take up the meaning of the phrase ‘standard of living’ up another notch. For exclusive luxury house photos, please contact us.


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