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web marketing consultantOne of the markets that never stay down for long even in times of recession is that of luxury homes. Your home is the place you go to at the end of the day, and why compromise on something that is your most permanent asset?

Luxury homes are a fad that has always existed among the rich. But slowly it is catching up among the middle-classes too. People save money for buying that enviable space which will be their most prized possession.

Factors that matter while buying a luxury home

So what all should be considered while looking for a luxury home? Here is a brief summary:

  1. Location: Location is of prime importance while buying a luxury home, for two reasons. One is that the location determines the price. Secondly, the proximity of your home to essential services matters a lot. You would rather have a home near basic facilities like schools, hospitals, and travel stations than one too away from them. But you might want to stay away from unwanted commercialization if you are buying, say, a holiday home. Therefore this is a very subjective factor but one that must be considered primarily.
  2. Size: A preconceived notion, especially among novices in the market is that the bigger the better. This isn’t true. The size of the luxury home depends on the kind of home you want. A waterfront condo, for example, will be more costly per square meter than some mansions. This is because condos occupy smaller spaces.
  3. Customization and exclusivity: These are the finer factors which only an expert will be able to tell you about. Luxury homes that can easily be tweaked to suit your needs are mostly higher in demand. You can add gyms, pools and a sunroom wherever you want and play around with the amenities already provided. However in some cases, when you are looking for a weekend getaway abode, for example, you don’t crave that much customization but rather prefer pre-set comfort and luxury that doesn’t require effort on your part.


Exclusivity matters. If you are thinking of buying a mansion in Hollywood, for instance, it will cost you much more that if you want to buy one in the Kent countryside. Also you might want to stay in a place famous for having brilliant poets, painters or other famous people.


Therefore while buying a luxury home these matters have to be considered. Luxury homes are generally said to be a sound investment, but you might want to look into your local financial market before purchasing one.

Expert tips before finalizing a luxury home

Some expert tips to remember before finalizing the deal are:

  • Learn the search process. All luxury homes are not listed to protect the seller’s privacy. They are often found through a realtor’s personal contacts. Make sure you are assisted by an able agent.
  • The difference between photos and reality. Make sure you don’t simply go by photos taken of the front elevation of the house. A photo put up by a seller will never show the house’s cons. Do extensive research on the house personally before signing on the dotted line.
  • Document everything – this helps you later if something goes wrong. Most importantly, don’t forget the title insurance. Make sure you check out the exceptions page of the title insurance before the expiry time.

With these tips, you will be ready to enjoy one of the best buys of luxury homes that you will ever make. So, what’s stopping you from buying one of your dream luxury homes? After all, buying one could change the way you live – forever!

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