Reduce Time on Market with Staging

According to end-of-year reports from Zillow, one of the country’s leading online real estate databases, the luxury home market is making a slow comeback. While this is potentially great news for sellers, the market remains slow. Luxury home owners may be stuck on what steps they can take to make their homes stand out and sell faster. Staging your home is an effective way to reducing time on market, but not everyone is willing or able to make the investment to hire a professional stager. It doesn’t have to be over-the-top expensive. You can follow these easy tips to get started on making your luxury home more marketable.

1. Your home should be a total experience for the potential buyer. The words “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” are rarely truer than when showing your home. From the moment a potential buyer pulls into your drive, they are inspecting every aspect of the listing and it’s important that they are able to begin connecting with the property from first view. To make your home a true experience, make sure that:
a. Lawns are neat and clean
b. The property is appropriately landscaped and tended. This means no weeds in the flower beds, using mulch or cover material like stones to accent the flowers or greenery, and no toys or personal items scattered in the yard.
c. Trim areas around walkways and other outdoor features
d. Pay attention to outdoor lighting and ensure that lighting fixtures don’t distract a potential buyer from visualizing the home.

2. Closets need love, too! Closets and other storage areas are among the most neglected and forgotten aspects of a home. Don’t underestimate this, because a potential buyer is going to want to know where they can store their things.
a. Clean out closets and other storage areas so that a potential buyer can visualize how they will use the space.
b. If necessary, move your things to an off-site storage location to keep these areas neat and free from clutter.
c. Check the light bulbs to ensure that storage areas are properly lit.
d. If there is any dampness in the storage areas (like a basement or outdoor storage area) take steps to correct this so that the area looks and smells clean and ready for use.

3. Are you staging or decorating? Staging has nothing to do with what YOU like and everything to do with what a potential buyer needs to see to be able to connect with your home. Decorating is an expression of your style as a home-owner. Staging is about minimalistic design and accenting the positive features of your home so that a potential buyer can connect emotionally with the home and easily visualize his or her own things in the space. To get some great ideas about staging,
a. Visit some model homes or other homes for sale in your area and pay attention to how they are furnished and where accent items are placed.
b. Consider your wall colors and if you have bold colors in your home, switch to a more neutral palette. Everyone might not like screaming green and bright yellow as much as you do.
c. Lease furniture and accessories for staging if the home is vacant. This is a much more functional alternative than furnishing the home and won’t leave you with a bunch of things you can’t use later.
d. Never underestimate the power of paint. Paint is an inexpensive way to change the ambience of any room. There are several online tools that can help you choose colors based on a particular mood.

4. Depersonalize! We all love our photos of family and friends and our children’s awards and trophies that really turn our house into a home, but this can be the kiss of death for a potential buyer. People buy houses when they form an emotional connection. In order for this connection to happen, the buyer has to be able to visualize their own style in the home. Think of these things when you’re depersonalizing:
a. Take down personal pictures from walls and from flat surfaces in your living spaces and put them into storage.
b. If you are a collector, move your items off-site into a safe and climate-controlled storage location until your home is sold.
c. Keep kitchen and bathroom countertops free of clutter of any kind. Pay special attention to the bathroom. No potential buyer needs to walk in and see your toothbrushes and toiletries all over the counters.

5. Accessorize! Accessories aren’t just for your wardrobe anymore! When you’re staging your home and you’ve gone monochromatic on your walls, a brilliant splash of color can be just what the room needs to bring it all together and give the room the appeal that a potential buyer wants. Try cushions, flowers, or blankets. Take a scrap of fabric and put it into a picture frame for an easy and inexpensive artistic touch that can complement your new décor.

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