Making luxury homes Smarter – A Look At Luxury Homes Today

From mobile phones to cars, everything is getting smart nowdays, so why not your own luxury home? Yes, you read that right. Luxury homes in the United States of America not only accommodate all the futuristic facilities but also make extensive use of state of the art technology. Did you know that Bill Gate’s swimming pool has a swimming pool with an underwater sound system? Well, thankfully, it’s not just Bill Gates who can have that. You can own one too!  If you are under the impression that sophisticated living is solely for the big guns of Silicon Valley, you are mistaken.


Luxury homes are relatively inexpensive today, making them affordable for more people. Here are a few luxurious homes that are loaded with innumerable gizmos which in fact make them large computer systems.


Luxury homes that use the power of gadgets


Although this place in the Telluride Mountain Village might look like a rural nature retreat from the exteriors, it is actually controlled by an iPad. Even the in-floor radiant heating system is controlled by the iPad itself. Gone are the days when you had to manage every aspect of your home separately using switches or remotes. All the temperature controls, humidification system, the multi-room AV control, alarm systems as well as outdoor video monitoring is done using a single gadget – the iPad. There are innumerable homes in the United States that offer amazing facilities like these.


One among them is the ability to unlock doors and alter temperature settings from the smartphone. For instance, in the winter months when you want to pre-heat your luxury home before you actually get there, this piece of technology can be of great help.



Luxury homes in Florida


What would you want in a luxury home? Luxury homes in this part of the United States of America are huge in size and comprise of multiple bathrooms, bedrooms and movie theatres among others. The heating as well as lighting are managed either with the help of a remote or with a smartphone. Build in a picturesque landscape, these residential complexes have a perfect blend of contemporary and modern architecture. The living rooms offer a panoramic view of the swimming pool too. Some residential complexes also boast of a heated indoor pool with full-fledged audio and video system.


The homes also have top-notch security features such as alarm monitoring that alerts you in case of an intrusion, no matter in which part of the world you are in. In addition, there is full support for tweaking temperature settings remotely. These homes are also fitted with a host of sensors that control ambient lighting depending on your presence.



Luxury homes in the United States have left nothing to be desired for. With all the latest gizmos integrated into the property, users can now keep a tab on any part of the residence without having to be physically present. As more and more people opt for such high-tech homes, the prices of property will eventually decrease thereby becoming more affordable. Owning a luxury home isn’t just a dream – it can be a reality for you too!

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