“When I asked Bruno how much money I could get for my property, I was skeptical at his answer. But when he started bringing offers, then I was pleasantly surprised. He’s really the best and hardest working agent ” – Mark Meyer


“Bruno helped me make more meoney than I ever expected. Besides being the most effective professional I met in long time, he’s a true friend. My transaction was really a pleasure.” – Carlos Cerna


“I made the best investment of my life, and that was possible because of Bruno! Bought a house a couple of years ago with his help, he just sold it for a HUGE profit, and he helped me buy the house of my dreams in which I live now. Thanks Bruno!!” Julie Tangstad


“One hundred percent, absolutely professional! He has told me he would have my house sold in 30 days, and I think it took him less than 2 weeks, so absolutely very happy!” – Lisa Gregg


“He works really, really hard, every day… he shows the properties to qualified buyers only, does great Open Houses, he is truly the BEST agent! I was so happy with the results because I got the money I was expecting.” – Ana C. Ramirez


“He treats you like you are the only client he has… he makes the time to treat you like an individual, like you are the only one. We would recommend him to anybody in Los Angeles.” - Richard Eze



“I got exccellent results, great offers, I’m very happy with Bruno. For anyone looking for an aggresive, effective agent, your best choice is Bruno!” Veronica Garcia



“For all of you thinking in selling your property, go with Bruno. I truly recommend him, you will get the most money, and you’ll earn a true friend!” Jesus Valadez


“Bruno gives outstanding service, exactly what I was looking for in a Real Estate professional! With Bruno I got more than I had expected!.” – Kevin Poffenbarger



“We have hired another agent in the past, who couldn’t sell our property for 5 months. Then, we heard of Bruno, and within 5 days, we had multiple offers, and we sold for above asking price!” – Margarita Banuelos


“If I have to do any Real Estate transaction, the only choice for me, is Bruno Pisano, Fast, trustworthy, and 100% professional. Just perfect!.” – Lucille Willis




“Believe everything he says. I was pleasantly surprised at the sale of my property, because he got me way more money than I thought I would receive!” – Zoila Gutierrez





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