Tips on Staging a Luxury Home

If a home has been on the market for quite some time it may be time to convenience your sellers to stage their home. Staging a home gives it a fresh appeal. Home buyers want and need to picture themselves in a home. They need to see where their furniture will go and how their kids will interact with it all. It’s hard to do so if a room that was meant to be a dining room is in fact a sewing room. If there is a media room but has not been used in over a year it’s time to bring it up to date.

Hire an Interior Decorator

You should have a listing of the most exclusive interior decorators. It’s helpful to first sit down with your seller and discuss their budget. Explain how this up front cost will benefit in a faster and higher closing than without an interior decorator. Once you have this budget take it to the decorator, explain the situation and possibly take a quick tour. See if they can work with the budget.


Staging Yourself

Now if your sellers budget is entirely too low it’s time to put your own skills to practice. Understandably this is not your niche but when you need to sell it will quickly become one.

  • De-clutter – Buyers can’t picture their furniture where they can’t see space.
  • Get rid of antiques – Outdated furniture needs to be put in storage. If just about everything needs to go that’s fine. You can say the buyer is preparing for a quick close.
  • Landscaping – hire a landscaper to do a quick turnaround of the driveway and garden areas. Your buyers want to picture driving up to a luxury estate not dreading it.
  • Window décor – Get rid of draperies and blinds. Let the natural light in.
  • Rent staging furniture for really empty rooms of the house.
  • Take down any pots and pans hanging from the ceiling. This reminds buyers of country kitchens.


Hopefully some of these tips will inspire you and your seller on staging a luxury home. The more your seller cooperates the better and faster the sale.

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